Macrobiotic Course Level 4 - Specialization in Counselling and Communication

6th - 12th of July  2020 | Monday to sunday

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A new vision of health care and nutrition is emerging. This new paradigm combines traditional wisdom systems as well as contemporary science and you can be an important part of it. If you have developed your studies of macrobiotic health care over three levels we want to take you further.
This specialization aims to help students to combine both theory and practice, particularly in the areas of oriental diagnosis, counselling and communication. New knowledge will also be given in each of the mentioned categories, namely diagnosis of the tongue, advanced oriental diagnosis and communication techniques. A significant part of the course will have a practical component in the form of actual clinical practice with patients. The students will have the opportunity to give consultations under the supervision of the teachers and detailed discussion of each of the cases.
The IMP level four studies is aimed to prepare you to be a qualified Macrobiotic Consultant and empower you to fulfill your potential to help your friends, family and society to a greater state of health and well-being.



We will focus on practical macrobiotic counselling skills and developing the ability to practically assist patients to achieve their health goals. This course includes a mix of theory, supervised practice and the development of your macrobiotic counselling abilities. The program is interactive and dynamic. You will have the opportunity to have your specific needs addressed.


To review and refine your macrobiotic counselling ethics, code of practice and your intention of being a counsellor. This includes students developing their own ethics and being clear on what they offer their clients, how to work with doctors, referring patients, setting boundaries and knowing the limits of what can be included in a consultation.


You will learn how to write your own USP (Unique Sales Point) which will highlight what is special about you and how to communicate it. Being able to identify your own strengths and knowing what special abilities you bring to your consultations. Here you will learn more about the options to promote yourself, including through websites, blogs, videos, social media and working with other groups.


Part of being a counsellor is to know how to cook macrobiotic dishes and make them delicious, practical and beautiful. Here you will learn more of how to write recipes to make it attractive.


To work on and develop your own set of macrobiotic protocols. These will be based on Oshawa’s conditions of health, so you have prepared recommendations for increasing vitality, good sleep, enjoyment of natural foods, improving memory, reducing stress, emotional wellbeing, positive thinking and finding a bigger sense of appreciation for life. These are often the basis for macrobiotics and the underlying lifestyle changes that support better health. In addition you will develop protocols for helping clients who wish to lose weight, manage pre-diabetes or diabetes, improve digestion, reduce inflammation and improve their blood quality in terms of cholesterol, blood pressure and nutrient levels. As you develop the ability to create protocols you can create new protocols for any condition you wish to treat.


Communication and client relationships. Part of a successful consultation is based on the quality of advice given, however, much depends on whether the client trusts the consultant and to what extent the consultant can inspire and motivate the clients. This also explores whether to educate the client or to be more prescriptive in terms of recommendations and how to adjust this balance for different clients. This will include the use of YinYang, 5 transformations and science in communication with a client.


Macrobiotic counselling practice sessions. You will provide macrobiotic counselling session to client under supervision. The sessions will then be reviewed together with the teacher to help you refine and develop your abilities. During these sessions you will develop the ability to use Oshawa’s 7 levels of health, 7 levels of consciousness and 5 transformations as a basic guide for working with a client. The sessions will explore what advice is given, why and whether it is presented in a way that clients can follow and make sustainable changes in their lives.



Choose 1 of the following options:
• Create a new BLOG with cover page, presentation, goal and reason for the blog. Publish at least 1 article (short paper). You can also choose any other presence online, different from facebook, tweeter or instagram.
• Submit your own macrobiotic recipe for a complete meal for a specific health condition with photos or video and with the explanation of the purpose of that meal, yin and yang balance, the flavors and 5 transformations.
• Make 1 session of consultation with 3 reports: 1. initial report with assessment and recommendations; 2. follow up report with adjustments; 3. final report with the last session including the conclusion and results as well as expectation of the client to go on with the diet. Do not include personal data from the client, except for the birth date, job and information of how many people in the family. Please attach the documentation you give to the client and mention any possible contact he / she may do.
Please choose your option and send the final work until 15th of October 2019 to:
Your final certificate will awarded based on completion of these projects. It is anticipated that you will require 3 months after the course to complete this part. The course tutors will provide you with assistance and support through this process. 
The aim of this course is to give you greater confidence, knowledge, self-belief and motivation so that you know you are ready to take this next step along your macrobiotic journey. The course will be encouraging, supportive, nurturing and inspiring. Our aim is help you develop yourself in your own way, so you join macrobiotic teachers in helping create a more healthy, happy and environmentally conscious society. 
Join us on and be part of the (r)evolution!


This course will be taught by highly experienced macrobiotic professionals including Bill Tara, Simon Brown, Lourenço de Azevedo and Rosalina Silva.



This course is for anyone who has attended a macrobiotic training covering the first 3 levels. This is typically equivalent to at least 60 days teaching, covering all the macrobiotic principles, theories and cooking techniques. Please provide full details of your training so far. Acceptance will be by application.
Language: The course will be taught in English with Portuguese translation.


  • Ready payment: 582€*
  • Monthly payments: 100€ for registration + 2 monthly  payments of 275€ (1st payment until the 31st of April,  2nd payment until the first day of classes)*
* lunch is included
We reserve the right to cancel the course if there are less than 10 registrations. In case of cancellation, full refund is granted.
Contact us for further information: or (+351) 21 324 22 90


6th - 12th de July of 2020
9h30 - 18h30


Bill Tara

Since 1967 Bill Tara has been an active advocate for natural heath care.  He has been a health counselor, teacher, author, entrepreneur and creator of health education centers in Europe and North America.

Lourenço de Azevedo

Lourenço de Azevedo has been studying Chinese Medicine since 1998.

His focus are teaching and living in accord with subjects that empower to live a sustainable life. Like Movement, Diet and nutritious Life Choices.

Rosalina Silva

Rosalina Silva has started her path in the study of Macrobiotic Philosophy in 2008 and ever since she has been practicing in her own life with family and friends.

Simon Brown

Simon is the author of Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life and a macrobiotic practitioner, consultant and teacher living in London UK. Simon provides online and in person macrobiotic consultations and courses.