Ana Torres

Graphic and web designer that came into contact with Macrobiotics at a very early age. Her mother was a student at the Community Health Foundation – London and this experience planted fundamental seeds that became very useful in life. As a student at the Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal, the desire to share powerful knowledge through cooking, became reality. Now she has become one of the cooking teachers at the Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal, as well as Porto and other places in Portugal. Being able to share the macrobiotic philosphy through the cooking classes has become a fantastic tool in promoting health and self awareness to clients.

Azuki is born in early January 2016! A (soon to be online) platform with what Ana knows best: Macrobiotics + Design + Creativity. A place to share a day in a life of a Macrobiotic Designer, that believes that HOW WE EAT, THINK AND ACT HAS A GREAT IMPACT IN OUR LIVES AND THE WORLD!

This all begins with a small step to a GREAT change!