Denny Waxman

Denny Waxman founded Essene Market & Cafe, the first health-foods store in Philadelphia. In 1969, he began studying with Michio Kushi. In the early 80s, Denny gained international recognition by helping Dr. Anthony Sattilaro, a respected physician and CEO of Philadelphia’s Methodist Hospital recover from terminal prostate cancer. Dr. Sattilaro documented his recovery in “Recalled By Life,” published in 1982. Through working with Dr. Sattilaro, Denny gained confidence in his ability to do what medicine can't--help people recover from so-called "terminal illness" and create lasting health. 

In the 1980s, Denny earned directorship of the Kushi Institute and the Community Health Foundation in London where he led the development of public and professional educational programs in macrobiotics as well as Oriental diagnosis. Since then, Denny maintains a counseling practice in both Philadelphia and New York City.

He has appeared most recently on television programs including “The Incurables” and NBC. His first book published in 1997 entitled “10 Steps To Strengthening Health” with Ruth Ann Flynn lead to a 2002 publication of the immensely accessible “The Great Life Diet.” In January 2015, an updated and expanded edition will be published as “The Complete Macrobiotic Diet” with Susan Waxman. 

In 1997, he founded The Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia. The SHI, since 2002, continues to be an independent, non-profit school that integrates his teachings with the work of other like-minded macrobiotic instructors. The SHI is working to offer its intensive and year-long course online.