João Filippi

He is the Coordinator of the Shiatsu Annual Course, part of the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. As the connection between Shiatsu and Macrobiotics has been part of the core of the Macrobiotic Institute, João Filippi also teaches Shiatsu at the Macrobiotic Annual Courses in Portugal and at  the Macrobiotic Institute of Spain.

João Filippi Shiatsu Work integrates various approaches: from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zen Shiatsu – Shizuto Masunaga until The Modern European Shiatsu of Wilfried Rappenecker and Western Concepts of the development of the Psych and the relationship between the Client and the Therapist.

For him, the connecting wire, between different Theories and Therapies Experiences is to restore the free flow of Love towards the Soul. It can also be translated as to increase Energy available for Life, wherever its flow has been restricted.

The Shiatsu Annual Course has been created in 1994, were João Filippi graduated and belongs to the first group of students that finish the course in 1997. In 1999, he was invited to teach in this School and in 2006 to be its director. João Filppi first contact with Shiatsu happened in 1991, when he moved from Brazil to Portugal. Just after he started to study by himself.

In 1998, after graduating the Shiatsu Annual Course, he started working as a Professional Shiatsu Therapist, letting behind his former career as Architect.

He has extended his studies in others Shiatsu Schools, as The International School of Shiatsu of Kiental, in Switzerland, and with others Shiatsu teachers as Wilfried Rappenecker, Soul Goodman, Alex Fisher and Claudia Beretta.

He also had participated in several workshops with Michio Kushi. He is graduated in Biodynamic Massage, from Gerda Boysen and also studied Body Work Psycho Therapy in the Asas e Raizes School, fromThomas Riepenhausen.