Nuno Félix Teixeira

Nuno Félix Teixeira is 40 years old and is born and lived in Oporto.

He graduated in Radiology in 1998 and since then works as a Radioographer at the Oporto Oncology Institute. Worked as a regular teacher (Radiology) in 3 Universities from 2002 until 2009.

Since ever was involved in a personal quest looking for new knowledge that promoted physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and in 2004 starts to study the holistic sides of healthcare.

In 2006, that passion for Natural Healthcare and Personal Growth, got him to know Macrobiotics and to study at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal (Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal), where he took all 3 levels/years of the “Michio Kushi Curricular Course” and more recently the “Specialization on Counselling and Communication Course””.

Since 2009 he is a part of the teachers staff at the referred Institute, having also worked at SHA Wellness Clinic, in Alicante-Spain, as a teacher/counsellor and clinic manager.                                      

Nowadays he works as a freelance consultant (with his own brand “Nuno Félix Teixeira- Natural Helath Consultant”) and a guest teacher in macrobiotic Schools and institutes in Lisbon, Barcelona and Valencia. Also is frequently being asked to speak in Tv shows, corporates organization, schools, and at healthcare events.

He is also a passionate but not so talented drummer, runner, and Photography lover.

He dwelves on Touching Souls, and everything that seems impossible and/or unlikely to happen.