Teresa Mizon

From Lisbon, graduated in hotel management from the American Hotel and Motel Association. As a teenager  in South Africa grew the conviction  that "We Are What We Eat" and a passion for Orientalism. In Madeira, along with a career in the area of ​​radio and television production, she studied several complementary therapies and fulfilled the dream of various trips to the Far East. Upon completing the Macrobiotics curriculum (3 years) at the Institute of Macrobiotics of Portugal and the Specialization in Counseling and Communication of IMP, she did not hesitate for a minute to devote herself full time to Macrobiotics.

She promotes culinary workshops, food counseling and lifestyle consultations. She was a consultant and co-ordinator of the Macrobiotics department at the Sha Welness Clinic in Alicante (Spain). After a stay in Moçambique, she and her husband  chose Alentejo to live and in 2018 they fulfill the dream of founding the Casa da Cumeada with the vision of becoming a pole of self-development, health and well-being.