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Kathrin Wörner

Where i am , what makes me special ,what makes me happy, what i love to pass on from the bottom of my heart, i owe all my teachers and the important events in my life.

First it was the children who taught me in my work as a pediatric nurse :to communicate without speaking, to develop trust , to listen my inner voice , not to doubt and to believe that there is something greater between heaven and earth.And so began my own journey…..

It first let me into the world of Yoga. In 1996 i did my yoga teacher training according to Sivananda. Through the practise my perception of my senses expanded so much that i was looking for answers to the supernatural. Shortly thereafter , the Scottish medium Gordon Smith came into my life . Trance , mediumship, healing …. I was able to learn all of this from Gordon and there i found the answer to many questions .To this day i continue to develop in circles, with mediums and healers according to the English tradition.

I found the answer to the cause of my hormonal imbalance by meeting the wonderful Dinah Rodrigues and her Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women . In 2008 i was allowed to train as a hormone yoga therapist with Dinah Rodrigues,who was over 80 years at the time (born 1927).This open up a new path for me ,which i still enjoy today and can pass on my knowledge. I practice almost every day myself. 

In 2015 life sent me something nice again: the Chines Quantum Method (CQM) according to Gabriele Eckert .Many befiefs had become firmly established in my life,which did not let me go any futher.With this coaching method it was possible.I went through all the basic seminars CQM1-3, the biological healing knowlege and finally the moderator seminar in order to be able to conduct a practice group.I offer these monthly in German. CQM coaching takes place face to face and online via zoom. Since 2020 , HyperVoager has also been offering the Chines Quantum Method training as an online seminar. Here i assist as a trainer. Everthing i offer i practice myself.

And believe me,my journey is far from over here. Because i´m curious and I´m happy about all additional knowledge with which i resonate.

I am Kathrin Wörner, I am originally from Frankfurt, I`ve been living in the Algarve for over 20 years and from there i work all over the world as your companion and CQM coach.Individuality and quality are elementary for me and a feature of my work, which offers you a soulution in every situation in life….. just because you are worth it !!